Saturday, 16 November 2013

Investors that let you live your Dreams

Today, some people are deprived of enjoying their dreams because of financial restrictions. This problem is dealt in large by the United Security Investors. They provide an extensive loan facility to the realestate investors who want to invest in the projects that would yield transformation in their lives as well as in society.

The primary question arises as why one customer goes for the private money loan. This is because it takes time to have the loan while with the help of private Investors; one can have the loans instantly at affordable costs and at minimum servicing fee.
Now, with the help of USI (United Security Investors) people turn their dream into reality by getting the financial help. Basically, it builds a gap between the lenders and the borrowers. USI offers loans to individual as well as institutional investors and are subjected to strict underlying guidelines and thresholds. 

It includes various investment goals like preservation of the capitol, high transparency and low correlation to equity and credit markets. The professionals working with USI have vast an extensive experience. They have been involved in various processes of over $750 million over last 10 years. Every one of them is personally involved in the processes. The next question arises as to why one should have his/her funding from us? This is because of several reasons. The major one is our track record. Soon after its operation of lending, it has not suffered/ experienced any losses on any loan. Next is its performance because right from the beginning, it has a positive return of capital to its kity. Further, the feature that one felts astonished with is the one that with the every loan, the USI investors co-invests along with them which is a clear indication of the level of trust that they have on their organization. It maintains an adequate level of transparency. In conjunction with its partners (FCI Lender Services), the USI provides its investors with 24x7 access to access their loan portfolio performance.

After providing loans, one has to think seriously about the various risks involved in lending loans. We trust our customers and have certain guidelines to be followed. One needs to provide asset with 65% loan to value ratio depending on the property which is more conservative. It follows a stringent review process that includes reviews of all the loans taken by investments.
Hence delivering the loans to the prospective real estate investors, it delivers its services meticulously and diligently thereby getting the full trust and support from the customers.

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